Témoignage – Hello ! Can you hear me ?

Hello! Can you hear me? Teaching online during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2019/2020 by Clare Blanchard, Professeure d'anglais au CCFB, May 2020 “OK everyone, that’s everything for today. I’ll see you back here next week, don’t forget to wash your hands!” Nervous laughter. That was the last time I saw my students face-to-face. When I… Lire la suite →

Témoignage – Corona Theatre

Corona Theatre By Catrina Chambers, Professeure de Théâtre au CCFB May 2020 By the time you read this testimony, we will have shared the experience of confinement for two long months of uncertainty. Just before the strict confinement began on March 17th, the CCFB English Theatre Workshop had been preparing to stage a Spring Readings… Lire la suite →